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Our Goal: To Be, Rather than Seem to Be.

OK, we admit it. Our profession doesn't hold the most likable image. And some of that negative buzz comes out of truth. The only way we know to change that image is to give you true value. Even though the word value gets tossed around on TV, radio and business cards, it still means something to us. Our goal is to win you over, not with words, but by sharing authentic, valuable, real estate information.

At the lowest point of the Great Recession that started in 2008, Nevada had 64,429 foreclosure filings in the first half of 2010, which equated to one filing for every 17 households or 5 percent of the housing units in the state, (data from RealtyTrac).--the highest foreclosure rate in the country. It shouldn't be that way. Not on our turf. We have seen far too many people greatly affected by this.

And after the Reno housing market hit bottom in 2012, prices went up significantly -- one of the fastest in the country. The last seven years that this blog has been active, we have seen the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. We want to use this experience to help buyers and sellers of Reno-Sparks real estate make the best possible decision.

This blog may not be enough to prevent the financial earthquake from happening in Reno again; but it may be enough to prevent it from happening to you. At the very least, we offer unbiased, straight-forward and well-researched information to help you make better decisions for your number one investment—your home.

Here's the thing: We don't claim to know everything. In order for this to work as well as it can, we need your comments. We need your honest feedback. We need productive arguments that challenge us to see the Reno Real Estate market from another angle. We need your experiences. If something worked for you, we want to know. We're all in this together.

Committed to your success,

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