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Josh Talayka, we feel, went above and beyond what he had to do. He came to our house for 3 hours to go through the short sell paperwork with us. He answered every question; and was very patient. At the time our house was almost an hour from his office; and he came out after 5pm so we would both be home from work. When we were unable to short sell our home, he accompanied us to the mediation. He did everything free of charge. For hours he sat with us and gave us recommendations on how to move forward. Even though Josh did not make any money from us, he was always willing to help. Answered our calls or returned them within the same day. If you are going through this process I can't think of a better, more qualified, caring person to walk you through this. 

-Richard and Julie Hagala

If you are looking to purchase or sell a home in the Reno area, I highly recommend Josh Talayka with Chase International as your Real Estate Agent. He is very familiar with the Reno area, and the current ever changing trends in the real estate market. I especially recommend Josh Talayka if you are considering purchasing a "short-sale”, or listing your home and exploring the short sale possibilities.  Jos Talayka clearly makes a tremendous effort to keep abreast of the current "short sale" options and possibilities, as well as the market itself.  Whether a "short sale" seems  like the way to go for you; or if you just need to explore your option, or you believe you have run out of options, I can assure you that you will be treated fairly, honestly and with all due respect by Josh Talayka.

Josh Talayka was able to provide me with information and guidance on many occasions, as I have been struggling to keep my home. Like many people I have been (and still am) stuck in the modification quagmire that runs deep and rampant. He has spent a considerable amount of time with me over the years, and has really received no personal benefit for his efforts. He has given me contacts for agencies to call, and always seemed to have more up to date and accurate information then my bank ever did. Although I had my doubts at first (as it would be understandable if others had these same doubts) - I can assure you that Josh Talayka will have your desires, interests, and benefit, first and foremost before and above his own. I wanted to be able to keep my home, and that was the route we took as he helped me explore my options.  He was more knowledgeable then many of the agencies out there, and certainly more knowledgeable and forthcoming then my bank with information and direction. He can "point you in the right direction" as far as where to go for further help, or clarification, and will always return your calls and make himself available to you.  I know that I could call him right now, (in fact I might!) if I needed to.

Now if he only had a name I could spell or pronounce...........

Please, for your sake, consider Josh Talayka for any of your real estate needs or concern, especially if you need some "special handling", as in a short sale or potential foreclosure situation. You will not regret it. These times can be so very difficult, many people are very judgmental about people facing foreclosure. They think we all got in over our heads or made bad choices with too high a mortgage payment, when this is not the case for most of us at all. Clearly these people have been blessed and have not been as affected by the economy as we have. I'm happy for them, but when our situation is not so fortunate, it is our blessing to have someone who will treat us with kindness, care, concern and respect our situation and circumstances. The steps to try to keep one’s home or learn of one’s options can be daunting, confusing and overwhelming. The possibility of losing one’s home, be it a short sale or foreclosure, for some is a viable option; for some a choice that makes sense; but for many it is absolutely heartrending.  I can't advise you what path is the way for you, but I can advise you to trust in Josh Talayka as your real estate agent on this journey.


-Jodie Lyman



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